Birel ART 360° of PASSION.

We build karts, because MOTORSPORT is our PASSION!

Karting is the origin of Racing and our go-karts, distinguished by Italian excellence famous all over the world, gives the opportunity to all fans of this world to become real drivers or have fun trying the thrill of adrenaline on the track.

Tradition and Innovation
We represent a company where tradition and innovation come together every day to feed the legend of the Birel ART brand. Our plus is the ability to combine the development of advanced technological solutions with the craftsmanship and experience that distinguishes us.

Passion and Excellence
The passion for motorsport is the sap that drives us to set ambitious goals to satisfy our customers. We are always in step with the times, curious and open to new things to grow our skills and offer excellence.

Individual and team
Our company is a big family with a strong sense of belonging, human resources are very important for us and ours is a team where competence and passion always go hand in hand.

Birel ART – for more than 60 years we have continued the passion for a sport that has formed and continues to train all the F1 drivers. With heart, pride and enthusiasm we keep alive the passion for the racing world and allow all those who love the thrill of driving to be able to do it in great safety and at high technical levels and performances.

Birel ART is also present in the RENTAL SECTOR with a complete range of Karts