N-35 X

Model N-35 X with fixed seat fitted with rear end cover (to protect moving mechanical parts).
It has been designed to evoke the features of a competition kart.

Thanks to its lighter weight (135kg) and its fixed seat, fitted with a rear end cover (designed to protect moving mechanical parts), it’s the closest you can get with a rental kart to a racing kart.

In addition, its lighter weight sees a reduction in fuel consumption, simplifies the maintenance of the go-kart, reduces the running costs and leads to increased tyre life. A simplified general management makes for better ease of operation for mechanical repairs, with a longer parts lifespan.

The go-kart is also easy to drive thanks to an adjustable and anatomical positioning of pedals and it replicates the feel of real kart racing through improved performance and more lateral grip in corners.

Thanks to its features, the N35-X model is the most suitable rental kart to use on both outdoor or indoor tracks.

The kart has a 10-litre fuel tank.